Elite Interviews KirillWasHere


Kirill Bichutsky – of KirillWasHere.com – has quickly become one of the most renowned photographers of our generation. While fanfare and criticism delve into his photography only to interpret a stereotypical message, Kirill says his images are not about nightlife antics, degrading women or the wasteful debauchery some people proclaim them to be. Rather, Kirill's images present a view of life oft overlooked: simple enjoyment.

Kirill is in the business of culture, and he has expanded his brand everywhere from champagne facials to college tours. Elite was able to catch up with the man behind the camera and see what he thinks of life, culture and his future as a businessman:

What inspired you to initially get into photography?

Whose career inspired you the most?

Was there a turning point in your life that led to your current direction?

You have come a long way from sneaking into parties. What was it that kept you motivated?

What is the most fun experience that you have had in your career thus far?

Throughout your career, you have seen NYC evolve. What are some things that have changed for the better and changed for the worst?

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

What is your dream accomplishment?

We have grown really fond of the Champagne Facials. Do girls just run up to you asking for it?

What is the craziest thing you have ever seen?

Which school did you have the most fun at on the last College Dropout's Tour?

What plans do you have for your career that we would have never suspected?

With so much going on in your life right now and so many people flocking to you, how do you keep yourself humble in this city?

5, 10, 50 years down the line, when you have achieved everything you aspire for today, where do you see yourself?

Any final words of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?