We Bought An Easy-Bake Oven To Make Weed Brownies And This Is What Happened

Kate Ryan

Easy-Bake ovens were introduced to America in the 60's to show little girls and boys that being an adult is actually easy and super fun.

Toymakers also introduced Barbies to set realistic expectations, Monopoly to prove all you need is money to avoid jail and Operation to show medical malpractice is totally fine as long as you have another turn.

Times have changed, and you won't catch a 21st century kid with something like a toy oven in his room, but for those of us left with one (or recently purchased one with their mom's Amazon Prime), what can we really do?

Considering this is 420 month and we're so dedicated to science here at Elite Daily, we decided to see how easily baked you can get from an Easy-Bake.

All you're going to need is an Easy-Bake oven set, some cake/cookie/brownie mix and, of course, some precious cannabis butter.

Trust us when we say you won't get high without it.

Step 1: Be safe... with that sh*t.

Ya Boy

Perhaps the most important, yet overlooked, step on the instruction pamphlet is actually the first one: Be safe, kids.

These ovens can reach temperatures up to 375 degrees, so if you're not careful, this could also be the last instruction you didn't listen to.

But it's just a metaphor for life, really: Touch a hot Easy-Bake and you WILL get burned.

People go on without remembering the key principle to success -- being safe -- and those who don't listen, don't never get to enjoy the fruits of their labor, like freshly-baked weed brownies hot (but not too hot) out of the oven.

Step 2: Plug that sh*t in.

OK, this is the first time Step 1 comes into play, so make sure your hands (and the outlet) are not wet, or else, it could truly be a wrap for you.

Basically, don't try to use your Easy-Bake while taking a bath and you should be fine. I know it's tempting, but try not to electrocute yourself.

Once you've done that, sit back and relax for a solid 15 minutes while your oven pre-heats. You're well on your way!

Step 3: Mix that sh*t up.

Ya Boy

The instructions are so simple on this one that if you mess this part up, there's no way your parents have ever been proud of you.

Simply pour in one of the powder packs and add two teaspoons of cannabis oil or butter (instead of one teaspoon of water). We added one more... just to be safe.

Pro tip: It also helps the baking process to look like a maniacal housewife.

Step 4: Grease your pan with some "special" ingredients.

Make sure your pan is oiled up with some pan spray (or more weed butter), but make sure you don't fill that b*tch up too much because, remember, that sh*t's gonna rise.

The key to nailing this step: weed butter on weed butter on weed butter.

Step 5: Slide that sh*t in.

Kate Ryan

Once again, be safe with this part. Use the giant yellow spatula thing (that's a technical term) to slide in your pan and make sure both doors are closed on each side.

Let it baaaake for 12 to 15 minutes (depending on how crispy you like your treats), and I don't know, maybe smoke a joint while you wait.

Step 6: Slide that sh*t out.

And let it cool off for a few seconds. Like we said, the temperature gets up to 375 degrees in there, and even if it is a toy, touching that pan will burn.

You can tip the oven to help slide the pan out, or fully insert the yellow plastic rod to bust that brownie out of there. You do you, boo.


Seriously, though.

Step 7: Customize your experience.

Ya Boy

To be honest, the sugar cookie mix that comes with the Easy-Bake tastes pretty Play-Doh-esque. As in, it tastes like a salty pencil eraser.

So, unless you ate Play-Doh growing up as a child (or you still do), it's probably not going to taste amazing.

To fix that, we suggest hitting up homegirl Betty Crocker for fudge brownie mix or some classic yellow cake. You can mix up some batter and pop it in, just like you would with the official Easy-Bake mixes, only it'll actually taste like something yo' momma might make... with a little canna-bonus.

Kate Ryan

Make sure if you have any leftover ice cream or a jar of Nutella, slap that son of a b*tch on, and you won't even taste the cookie! That's where it's really at.

The Results: SUCCESS

To answer the most important question immediately, does this process get you stoned? Hell yes.

Of course, the strength of the butter and how much you use is going to determine your final experience. Also, how much you actually eat is going to affect that too.

Also, how much you weigh, your body fat percentage, your tolerance level, your mental state and your ability to digest food will affect how high you get. So, scratch that. We really have no f*cking clue how high you'll get.

Check out the discrepancy below.

Ya Boy

Just ask the test subjects...

Julian says,

Considering that I pretty much eat anything, these brownies were absolutely amazing! They certainly did the motherf*cking trick and the rest of my day was pretty much shot. To describe my high, well, I was super high to the point I kept forgetting how I got so damn high. Laying down was awesome and definitely make sure you have some water on deck. Maybe knowing how simple it is to actually make these treats wasn't exactly what I needed in life at this moment but there's no turning back now!

Kate says,

As you might have guessed, I didn't go on the same magical ride Julian did. When you don't put in the work, you don't get the same payoff. But I have to say, eating just that tiny bit of our weed cookie got me right where I needed to be to have the best night sleep of my life. It was like deep, dark, primordial sleep. The kind you go into not quite sure if you're going to make it back out, but it's cool because you're relaxed as f*ck. The next morning, I woke up feeling as fresh as some flowering bud and thought, "Wow, those were some dank cookies."

So, yeah, Easy-Bake Ovens might not be the most ideal toy for impressionable young children who like to touch scolding hot things just for the thrill of it. But as an adult toy/edible maker? Hands down, they're the bomb.