A Doughnut And A Burrito Had A Baby, And The Result Looks Insanely Delish


California is the birthplace of many awesome inventions. In-N-Out, Del Taco, The Rock and Cobb salad all come from sunny California -- not to mention the phone or computer from which you're likely reading this.

Now, some brilliant food scientists from California have created the ultimate combo: the "doughrito," aka a breakfast burrito filled with doughnuts.

I know what you're thinking. It sounds a little too delicious too be true, but also, why didn't I think to do that first?

Alternatively, you might be a little intimidated. But have no fear. A couple Foodbeast writers went out of their way to try the doughrito for us and their video is as hilarious (that soundtrack though) as it is mouth-watering.

It's genius. You can get your protein and your sugary breakfast pastry all in one savory-sweet bite.

You can grab a doughrito of your own by heading over to Surfin' Donuts, which has locations all over Southern California.

Then again, if you're not on the west coast, you can always just jam your favorite doughnut in whatever kind of burrito you like. We'll go ahead and assume you already know how to pack a fat bong. Bon-rito appétit.

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