The Thirst Is Real: These Are 20 Of The Most Desperate Text Messages You'll Ever See (Photos)

If you don't know a frequent desperate texter, maybe you are the frequent desperate texter. Thanks to nightlife photographer Kirill Was Here, we were able to get a glimpse at the most embarrassingly desperate text messages sent by desperate texters... You know, the person who feels the need to flood some sorry sucker's inbox with an endless amount of super desperate text messages that read things like:

"Hey what's up, can I come over?" "Why aren't you replying to me? You can just say you don't want to talk to me." Then they proceed to get pissed at you for not wanting to feed into their overall thirstiness.

Desperate texters are everything that is wrong with text messaging to begin. Keep in mind, everyone falls into the desperate texting phase at some point, whether you're extremely drunk or completely sober — it happens. If you're guilty of this, the only thing you can do to fix it is to realize that you're literally just being a pest and nuisance and you should stop.

Nightlife photographer Kirill Was Here took to Twitter and set out on a mission to find the most desperate text messages to ever exist, you'll find them below. You can't help but feel sorry for the people on the receiving end of these! Please be advised that some of these messages contain strong, graphic, alcohol-induced language.

"Was I that bad?"

"I will f*ck the sh*t out of you!"

"Ur sexy wake up"

"You never did give a shit about me, did you?"

"Let me take you out. I wanna get you a table at LIV."

"You like it when they talk bad to you I see."

"Well, this is almost embarrassing."

"This is the last day I'm home. Would you wanna see me?"

"This is why I'm done trying. 'Cause I look like a loser!"

"You have no respect for us or me. You have another girl."

"I'm not here to praise you."

"I'd like to see you and I'm sorry if I'm annoying you."

"Damn, do you model?"

"I think I hate you."

"Okay, so text me when you're single."

"You will find any excuse not to hang out."

"Can I smoke in your crib?"

Photos courtesy of Kirill Was Here