These Whimsical Photos Of Dogs Playing With Fans Will Blow You Away

Scruffy Dog Photography

One of the main reasons why you should strive to live your second life as a dog is because dogs hardly ever get bored. As humans, we're constantly in search of new ways to keep ourselves busy.

Just take a peek at the App Store and my point is proven.

Dogs, however, are never bored. Even when they're lying down and might seem miserable, they're really just relaxing because, well, they can.

Life is just a game when you're someone's furry, four-legged best friend.

Not only do they have countless squeaky toys at their disposal, but they can also play with just about anything that exists -- even the strong gusts of wind generated by fans.

This new photo series is all the proof you need.

An Ontario-based animal photographer composed a collection of fun, whimsical photos of various dogs playing with fans.

Scruffy Dog Photography

The photo series, simply titled "BLOW," was created by Illona Haus of Scruffy Dog Photography, and it will blow you right away!

Scruffy Dog Photography

Not only do fans save lives on hot summer days, but dogs save lives every damn day.

Scruffy Dog Photography

Could these photos be any more perfect?!

Scruffy Dog Photography

It's like being behind the scenes of a Victoria's Secret photo shoot but for dogs.

Scruffy Dog Photography

This is what true happiness looks like.

Scruffy Dog Photography

"It was important to me that this project be creative and artistic, and that each dog's photo session with the fan be unique," Illona said about the project.

Scruffy Dog Photography

In a post on Bored Panda regarding the photo series, Illona Haus revealed,

It had to be more than simply walking each dog up to a full-speed fan and photographing their blowing hair. I was after 'engagement' and individual personality... exploring how each dog was reacting to and engaging with the blowing air, and also how their hair was affected by the wind.

I think she nailed it!

Scruffy Dog Photography

So, what exactly inspired Haus to bless the world with this visual masterpiece? Her own dog, apparently.

The idea was sparked after seeing my own dog, Merrick's, beautiful coat blowing in the wind of a fan one hot summer day. I spent months searching for the perfect fan, then gave it a fresh paint job, and began the process securing the absolute best models.

And just like that, magic was made!

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