Pugs Dressed Like Hip-Hop Artists Are The Cutest Things You'll Ever See (Photos)

Ever wonder what a dog dressed up like Tupac would look like?

You came to the right place! In a photo series titled "The Pug Life," photographer Adam Jackman-Moore snaps hilariously adorable photos of Pugs dressed up as hip-hop artists.

The Australia-based photographer uses various props and costumes to get the job done. The end result? Pure gold!

In fact, Jackman-Moore created an entire Instagram account dedicated to the series.

Check out some of the photos below for a closer look!

Who let the dogs out? Adam Jackman-Moore did, that's who!

The photographer from Perth, Australia created an adorable photo series titled "The Pug Life."

Jackman-Moore dresses these pooches up in different outfits to resemble hip-hop artists from the 80s and 90s.

Tupac, is that you?

Oh, look! It's Pugmaster Flash!

Who's Pugmaster Flash without RUN P.U.G?!

Hip-hop wouldn't be hip-hop without Ice Puge.

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