Forget Man Buns, Because Dog Buns Are Everything Right Now (Photos)


Over the past year, there's been a man bun epidemic spreading across the world like wildfire.

While some of the hipster styles these days are a bit insufferable, the glorious man bun definitely isn't.

But, if you thought men were the only ones embracing their inner lumbersexual locks with this heavenly hairstyle, you clearly haven't seen the hairstyle man's best friend has been rocking.

Behold, the dog bun.

Yep, Fido just jacked your hipster hairdo, and there's no denying he looks doggone good in a damn bun.

These trendy hound hairstyles include messy mutt buns, canine bun-beard combos and perfectly sculpted pup-dos. And each style proves dogs do buns way better than dudes.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this adorable dog hairstyle.

Move over, man buns... buns are taking over Instagram.

And these barking beauties will put your pathetic human buns to shame.

A dog bun brings man's best friend to the next level of hound hotness.

It's a versatile doggy 'do that's flattering on every pup...

...and it looks stunning for every season of the year.

That blonde bump just makes this canine look effortlessly cool.

The perfect bun and beard make the ultimate lumbersexual dog look.

Long ears look way more impressive when they're tied in a top knot.

This pup is the master of messy mutt buns.

Short hair? No problem. Just make a mini mutt bun.

Donning a dog bun is sure to make you the most stylish dachshund around.

Double doggy buns for days.

A dog bun is the perfect solution for those bad fur days.

Every flannel-clad dog loves a hipster hound bun.

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