Divorced Woman Spends Months Destroying Her Wedding Dress In Epic Ways (Photos)

Going through a bitter divorce can be absolutely devastating. And once you and your hubby split, you don't want anything around that's going to bring back those awful memories.

After Dayna Rumfelt's marriage of eight years fell apart, she figured it would be best to get rid of her wedding gown. But, she didn't ditch her agonizing memories by just throwing that bad boy in the trash.

Instead, she wanted the pristine gown to experience the same pain she felt from her divorce. She gathered up her closest friends and family and set out on a mission to drag this dress through Hell and back before finally destroying it.In an interview with

In an interview with Huffington Post, Rumfelt revealed,

It felt so freeing... For a long time after my divorce, I felt like I had a monkey on my back dragging me down into the mud. When the dress adventure began, I started to feel that less and less.

Over the course of seven months, Rumfelt's dress endured everything from roller derbies to paintballs. But, the dress held up despite being repeatedly dragged through dirt and mud.

In the end, this seemingly indestructible dress was no match for Rumfelt's blazing bonfire of divorce-ridden doom.

Rumfelt's family and friends set out to eradicate her wedding dress from the face of the Earth.

The first phase of "Operation Destroy The Dress" included a trip to the roller derby.

Rumfelt decided the dress would be the perfect outfit to wear while serving as the bench manager for the Rage City Rollergirls.

After surviving a couple derby endeavors, Rumfelt and her recently-divorced friend, Laura Burns, grabbed their wedding dresses and went for a little swim in Reed Lakes.

Rumfelt told Huffington Post, "Jumping into a lake doesn't screw your dress up quite like you'd expect. It's funny how when you're getting married your wedding dress seems so fragile, but really when it comes down to it, those suckers are tough as nails."

She continued on her quest to demolish the damn thing by rolling through the mud in a "trash the dress" shoot.

While she ended up getting some pretty great shots...

...even silt, sand and mud didn't do the trick at destroying the darn dress.

Annoyed, Rumfelt washed the dress and got back in her gown to hit the paintball field for a little competitive family fun.

Rumfelt was blown away to discover paintballs couldn't even put a dent in this indestructible dress.

There was only one logical thing left to do. Burn that motherf*cker to the ground in a big, blazing bonfire.

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