Here Are All Of The Different Reasons Why Your Self-Esteem Is The Way It Is

We all have our high and low moments. It's part of being human.

While some dark days last longer than others, it's important to remember, when it comes to life, we all eventually make it through the storm. One key part of maintaining happiness begins with maintaining your self-esteem.

In a recent video uploaded to Vimeo by Jesse Collett, we're introduced to a beautiful animated short film highlighting all of the different things that affect our self-esteem as life goes on.

Whether it's the amount of love and care you received from family members as a child, or the horrific high school memories you would never dare speak of, there are a number of reasons why your self-esteem is the way it is.

You might not realize it, but you could be hard on yourself because your definition of success is skewed due to the influence of friends, family members and even envied enemies around you.

In other words, for better or for worse, your life experiences will always take a toll on you.

So, what really goes into building (or breaking) your confidence and making up your self-esteem?

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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