These Destroyed Stuffed Animals Have Been Snuggled Way Too Hard (Photos)

Growing up, we all had that one stuffed animal that was really special to us.

If there's one person who knows the true sentimental value of a stuffed animal, it's Katja Kemnitz.

In her latest project, Too Much Love, this talented photographer set out to capture a series of portraits paying tribute to our beloved stuffed animal sidekicks.

Her interesting photos depict a variety of disheveled plush animals, literally loved to pieces by their previous owners, alongside their pristine, stuffed animal doppelgängers.

By highlighting the differences in her side-by-side comparison photos, Kemnitz reveals the soul and character embedded within the dirty, matted fur of each toy.

You may be wondering, what exactly inspired this talented photographer to ditch the typical cast of human models for a motley crew of soft and fuzzy models?

According to Kemnitz,

The project was inspired by my older daughter, who carried her plush dog with her everywhere when she was little. One day I found that dog in store, without any damages. However, my daughter did not like him. The old one was better and could not be replaced.

If one thing is for sure, this sweet visual series is incredibly moving and it will probably make you reminisce on all the childhood adventures you used to share with your beloved teddy bear.

Katja Kemnitz knows a thing or two about sentimental stuffed animals.

She captures pictures of old, dirty stuffed animals that have been loved a little too much by their owners...

...and juxtaposes them with their clean, new doppelgängers.

She reveals a special side of each old, dirty toy...

...and highlights the soul and character.

By looking at the new toys, it's pretty clear...

...each one had quite the life.

There's no way to replicate the same unique character...

...loved into each one of these toys over the years.

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