The Best Life Advice Daniel Radcliffe Has Ever Gotten Is Surprisingly Simple

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At times we tend to forget that celebrities are real people, just like the rest of us.

So it's always nice when Hollywood's brightest stars take some time out of their insane schedules to connect with fans and share some intimate details about their everyday life.

If you happen to be a big fan of Daniel Radcliffe, there's a good chance that you probably tuned into his Twitter Q&A last night.

But if you missed out on this movie star's magical Twitter moments, let me fill you in.

Your favorite former wizard from "Harry Potter" took some time to talk about his latest acting endeavor, a role as Walter in the movie "Now You See Me 2," and answered a variety of questions from his curious Twitter followers.

Using the hashtag #imdbaskdaniel, Twitter users picked Radcliffe's brain on all sorts of matters that ranged from inquiries about the cast and how he deals with stage fright to what music and television show he's currently into at the moment.

Radcliffe also instilled his wizardly wisdom upon us and shared some simple life lesson that he's learned throughout his years in Hollywood, and his answers might surprise you.

Apparently, the greatest piece of advice that he carries with him every day is something he learned from his father:

When you meet people, put your hand out first to shake theirs before they put their hand out because it shows keenness and enthusiasm.

Check out the videos below to see some clips from Radcliffe's Twitter Q&A, including the one where he shares that tip from his dad.

Last night, Daniel Radcliffe took some time to connect with fans on Twitter...

#IMDbAskDaniel about to begin! pic.twitter.com/YmaXAgV4VA — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

And answered all sorts of questions about his upcoming role in the movie "Now You See Me 2"...

.@theoteller #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/YAtVJS2vcd — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

...as well as some general inquiries about this British babe's everyday life.

.@theoteller #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/TaK9e6N1WP — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

The "Harry Potter" hero revealed what it was like to act on the other side of the character spectrum and play a bad guy...

.@ShawnaTheNerd #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/LG42JbbIAG — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

As well as what he liked about being on the set of the sequel to "Now You See Me"...

.@abdullah07_997 #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/hhimbzoaBS — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

...and what he liked best about working with his fellow cast members.

.@toxickenna #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/NzIXJzUTRs — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

Radcliffe also gave us a closer glimpse into his personal life, sharing his music obsession of the moment...

.@azkabandana #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/Q7eW2AEp0a — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

His favorite television shows to binge watch...

.@artkidnjh #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/PVEnDl5UoB — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

The last book he read...

.@ThatNewYorkChic #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/xslAlt9ElI — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

What he typically does during his downtime...

.@suspectsnargles #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/IDTXssP691 — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

...and how he deals with stage fright as a professional actor.

.@MissMusical101 #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/2SUR7RVqbE — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

But the best thing that Radcliffe shared with the world was a little piece of advice he carries with him every day: When you meet people, always put your hand out to shake theirs first.

.@badwolfs #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/cnX8aUopDU — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

Not to mention, you should also stay away from cliche magic card tricks if you're known for being a former world famous wizard, of course!

.@JonathanKeyes #imdbaskdaniel pic.twitter.com/7unPrFVdkz — Now You See Me 2 (@NYSMmovie) June 6, 2016

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