How This 25-Year-Old Went From Couch Surfing To Front Row At NYFW

It's been said good things come to those who wait, but if you ask me, I believe good things happen to those who follow their dreams, work their asses off and never give up.

Case in point: Daniel Kirch, better known as Daniel Jonas.

You may know this young entrepreneur as the creator of the "New F*ckin' York" clothing collection.

What you probably didn't know is that Daniel went from a humble beginning in a small German town to launching his own fashion label in New York City, all because of a hat, a hamburger and a little bit of luck.

While crashing on his friend Jonas' couch, Daniel created a "New F*ckin' York" hat that he just happened to be wearing one day at brunch, when he offered a plate of uneaten hamburgers to a stranger at the table next to him.

This small gesture of kindness catalyzed an insane series of events that ultimately led this small town student with big dreams to forgo an internship at McKinsey for an uncertain future in the fashion industry.

The secret to Daniel's self-made success is quite simple.

He told Elite Daily,

It's all about networking, persistence and never taking no for an answer.

Now, Daniel is working to transform the industry by building a collection that merges fashion with cutting-edge technology and business strategies in a way no one has done before.

It just goes to show that taking a giant leap of faith and always believing in yourself can have some pretty incredible results.

Meet Daniel Kirch, the 25-year-old entrepreneur and founder of the Daniel Jonas fashion label.

He happened to be wearing a hat he created with a "New F*ckin' York" logo to brunch one day, where he offered a stranger some untouched food.

It turns out that guy was actually a big Super Bowl exec who loved the hat so much, he invited Daniel to the Super Bowl's afterparty. His hat received a lot of attention there.

Thinking he might be onto something with his hat idea, Daniel decided to take his creation to NYFW.

After being turned away from the tents on the first day, he tried again, and was somehow mistaken for one of the Jonas Brothers and seated in the VIP section of the show.

When the buzz about his hat kept growing, he made an LA edition, suited up in a tux and headed to Hollywood...

Where he somehow managed to land a red carpet interview at Oscars events.

After taking on the West Coast, he brought his idea to Miami, and before long...

All sorts of people, from celebrities and musicians...

To politicians, athletes...

...and their furry little friends wanted in on this "f*ckin'" hat trend.

Daniel was even invited to a presidential campaign speech where he gave Obama a special G-rated rendition of his signature hat.

Now, this ambitious Millennial has his sights set on revolutionizing the industry by creating a brand that combines forward-thinking fashion with cutting-edge technology.

But at the end of the day, he really just wants his story to inspire others to follow their dreams and become legends.

Since he knows what it's like to be the first high school graduate from his family, he's also establishing a scholarship fund to give underprivileged kids the power of education and the opportunity to succeed.