Amazing Dad Puts Creative Drawings And Notes On Son's Lunch Every Day (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

Opening your lunchbox in the school cafeteria at noon everyday might as well have been Christmas.

It's no secret that this moment alone was one of the most highly anticipated moments of the day. Why? Well, mainly because if your parents actually loved you, there was a pack of Gushers in there accompanied by a Capri Sun.

And if they really, really loved you, there was an entire chocolate mousse pie waiting for you. The fact of the matter is, you never knew, and that's what kept you so fascinated by this iconic lunchbox contraption.

These days, however, parents are getting even more creative -- and not necessarily with the food options.

Take Brent Almond, for example. Brent is a professional graphic designer who uses his design skills to illustrate and create awesome lunchbox notes for his son every day.

Before packing these fun notes into his son's lunchbox, he snaps a photo and posts it to an Instagram page he's created for the project, called Super Lunch Notes.

If the doodles are this good, this kid's probably eating filet mignon for lunch every day.

Regardless, these are awesome and it'd be nice if parents kept this up even after you land your first job in a corporate environment. Why should the fun stop at pre-school?

Check out the Super Lunch Notes below for a closer look!

This kid's lunchbox is so cool even the Hulk made an appearance.

Brent also uses this project to give his son words of advice.

From making sure not to eat yellow snow to making sure he stays bundled up!

He also hints at what might be hiding in his lunchbox.

Having a Wacky Wednesday is easier said than done, but Brent demands it.

Looks like someone's having peanut butter and jelly today.

Brent doesn't only cater to superheroes and well-known cartoon characters. Random animals share the spotlight as well.

It's kind of hard to have a bad gym class after seeing this.

And this.

Why didn't our parents master the art of Sharpie doodling when we were kids?!

Brent also creates his own cartoon characters, like BatDog.

This Super Lunch Note pretty much sums this past winter.

Since your parents probably won't, you can grab a pack of Post-its and a Sharpie to make your lunch at the office better than everyone else's.

Now go on, be cool!

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