This Dad Did The Unthinkable When He Caught His Son Vaping Weed

by Robert Anthony
Getty Images

It's no secret vaping is quite trendy right now.

As a matter of fact, there are people who have ditched the glassware and rolling papers altogether just to commit solely to their shiny new vaporizers.

Why? Well, probably because vaping is said to be way healthier for you than traditional methods used to smoke marijuana and tobacco.

But, with every new trend comes a pack of disgruntled parents who can't figure out why their kids had to be stubborn, rebellious, ill-advised badasses.

Keep in mind, however, if these nuns illegally grow and sell weed, anything is possible!

One 18-year-old Reddit user's dad was literally pissed when he discovered his son's vaporizer. I say literally because this dude actually urinated into his son's vaporizer just to teach him a lesson.

Hey, discipline isn't always easy, especially when it requires top-notch aim.

The Reddit user -- with the super-clever username, OmegaTigBitties -- posted several screenshots of an intense conversation between him and his father regarding his newfound obsession with the art of the vape.

Check out the dialogue between this smart-ass kid and his livid pops:

"So, this all happened today. My mom cleaned my room, found my vape pen, and gave it to my dad to destroy."


"Now, I know I was being a smart ass, but he's the same way."


"I realized something, I had an issue where, about a week ago, my juice (wax) tasted like piss."


Before his mom discovered the vape pen and passed it on to his dad, this kid took to Reddit to figure out why his pen had tasted funny a while back. What a realization.

So, what did this kid do? Nothing.

All he could do is share his story with the Internet and try to forget about the fact he accidentally vaped his father's urine.

The moral of the story here is your mother knows everything and you should probably hide your marijuana-related accessories in a safe place if you still live at home!

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