These Photos Of Kids Crying Are Hilarious But Mostly Because Of The Reasons They're Crying

Ever see someone's kid crying and you just don't know why? Don't be so quick to jump on the parents' side, the kid could have logical reasoning behind the sobbing session... Or, the kid could having totally illogical and quite frankly, a hilarious reasoning behind their crying.

For example, you're walking your dog and your kid realizes he wants to walk the giant bulldog himself, even though the dog will probably end up walking him. What does he do? He cries. Really, really loud. If you look at enough of this photos, you can hear the piecing screeches for yourself. Check them out, they're hilarious!

"He can't find his rubber ducky."

"He's stuck."

"He couldn't have all the trains at the museum."

"The dog was in the way while he was trying to push the chair."

"He couldn't get the last Cheerio on the spoon."

"He didn't want to share his leg hole."

"We took her to a Justin Bieber concert."

"He doesn't want to go (even though we've repeatedly told him we're not going anywhere)."

"I told him he doesn't need sunscreen when it's raining."

"He met Bill Murray."

"I wouldn't let him get a tattoo."

"He wanted to walk the dog"

"It was his sister's turn to use the hose."

"She wouldn't fit through the doggy door (note the open door right next to her)."

"He met Iron Man... out of costume."

"We said she couldn't have more bacon."

"T-Rex's jaw is not big enough to bite this Lego-man's head."

"We sang the happy birthday song to him."

"They received new hats."

"He put himself in time out... for no reason."

"The goat ate the goat food from his hand."

"He does not want to be safe near water."

"He didn't want to hold my hand whilst walking home from daycare."

H/T: Distractify, Photos courtesy of Reasons My Son Is Crying