Couple Manages To Turn Dusty Old Bank Into Their Dream Home (Video)

Talk to any New Yorker about his or her apartment, and you’ll hear one of two complaints: It’s too small, or it’s too expensive (or both).

Living in such an amazing city does have its downfalls. But there are gems to be found on the housing front, so long as one is willing to be creative.

For example: Richard Fiore and Laura Bohn’s Chelsea home, a former bank built in 1907.

They purchased the dilapidated building in 1999 (when housing prices were way lower) and restored the entire building.

It now includes 11 residential condos, 12,000 square feet of retail space and the homeowners’ own duplex penthouse, complete with an outdoor atrium.

It's the most killer space I've ever seen. My entire two-bedroom could fit on their atrium, no joke. Well, a girl can dream.

Check out the gorgeous space, up top.

H/T: Huffington Post