Couple Moved Off The Grid By Building Their Own Self-Sustaining Island (Photos)

If you had a chance to move off the grid and onto your own island, would you do it?

A couple who lives on a self-sustaining island they built together off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, could be inspiring people to contemplate the thought.

About 20 years ago, Wayne Adams and Catherine King began building their very own island called Freedom Cove. Since then, King and Adams have been able to live freely in their own environment.

At this point, you're probably wondering what someone's own island could consist of. Freedom Cove, which sits on 12 separate floating platforms, features an art gallery, five greenhouses, a dance floor, a lighthouse and a studio for the couple.

Since 59-year-old King and 66-year-old Adams have to produce their own food, they make use of half an acre of land to harvest edible crops.

Aside from being able to build out someone's imagination in the form of a private, self-sustaining island, the couple also spends time catering to their hobbies, which include painting, writing, composing music, carving and dancing.

The coolest part? Guests who want to experience what living on a self-sustaining island is like can go to Freedom Cove. Next time you find yourself in British Columbia, visit them!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Meet Wayne Adams and Catherine King, a couple who lives on a self-sustaining island they built together:

It's called Freedom Cove, and it's located off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia:

Freedom Cove features an art gallery, five separate greenhouses, a dance floor, a lighthouse and a studio for the couple:

The couple is able to retrieve water from a nearby waterfall during the summer and rainfall in the winter:

Adams and King produce their own food supply by harvesting crops and fishing off their island:

The entire island is supported by 12 floating platforms:

Freedom Cove was powered by a series of solar panels, but when they broke, the couple acquired a generator for heat and electricity:

It took Adams and King 20 years to complete it:

Next time you're in British Columbia, visit them!

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