This Couple's Creepy Funeral-Themed Wedding Pics Are Actually Stunning

Everyone knows marriage is supposed to be "'til death do us part."

However, some couples take this vow a little more seriously than others.

Before tying the knot, Jenny Tay and her fiancé, Darren Cheng, decided to capture a series of wedding photos that are to die for -- literally.

Since Tay and Cheng are both funeral directors, they teamed up with Singapore-based photographer Joel Lim for a death-inspired photo shoot that looks like something straight out of "The Addams Family."

In a recent interview with Mashable, Tay said,

We wanted to feature something meaningful to us. We meet grieving families daily and witness first hand how a death in the family brings the family closer... Death seems to make people cherish life even more. This realization moulded our belief in life, that death is indeed a part of life.

While the idea behind their funeral-themed shoot may seem a bit morbid, you might be surprised to find all of their cryptic photos are actually quite beautiful in an eerie, haunting kind of way.

Take a look at their gorgeous wedding photos below.

Meet Jenny Tay and her fiancé, Darren Cheng.

Instead of going with a traditional wedding theme, they decided to incorporate death into their wedding photos.

The two look incredible posing alongside a gleaming white coffin for the spooky shoot.

And after posting the photos on The Straits Times Facebook page, the couple actually received a lot of positive feedback for their unique idea.

While it seems like the photos revolve around death, they actually embrace the opposite.

According to Tay, "One is a celebration of the beginning of a new life while the other is a celebration of the end of a life. In the end, both events are truly about life."

The shots are truly about life, and they're truly stunning.

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