Coolest Mom Ever Turns Her Kids' Lunches Into Insane Works Of Art

Cooking was never really my mom's thing.

While most of the kids in my class rolled up to the cafeteria with lunch boxes full of homemade treats, I usually considered myself pretty damn lucky if my mom managed to cut the crust off of my poorly assembled PB&J without somehow managing to destroy the whole thing.

Yeah, let's just say I never had a lot of collateral when it came to making snack time trades back in the day.

However, we just came across one mom who takes her kids' lunches to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Sarah Gonzalez is a mother of six who uses her imagination and some strategically placed snacks to make all sorts of mind-blowing lunches that look like edible forms of art.

Apparently, this creative mama started playing around with her food after she had trouble getting her fussy 4-year-old to eat her lunch.

Gonzalez told Nanny magazine,

She would complain and throw temper tantrums over everything I offered her. I started researching different ways to encourage her to eat better and that is where I discovered the world of creative food!

After trying this creative approach for the first time, Gonzalez discovered her fun food strategy actually worked, stating,

It was instant success. For the first time she was eating every bite on her lunch plate and so excited for the next day's creation.

Since then, Gonzalez has continued to whip up amazing meals for her kids on the reg.

It takes her about an hour to painstakingly arrange each of these extremely detailed lunches, and so far, we've seen her post all sorts of impressive plates on her Instagram account that range from eye-catching animal-shaped eats to lunch boxes loaded up with delightful Disney characters.

Yep, I think it's safe to say Gonzalez might be one of the best moms EVER.

Check out the pictures below to see these incredible lunch creations.

When it comes to whipping up some seriously impressive meals...

...Sarah Gonzalez is one mother who doesn't mess around.

Gonzalez uses a variety of carefully arranged fruits, veggies, meats and bread... create all sorts of mouthwatering lunchtime masterpieces for her kids.

I mean, seriously, just look at this peanut butter sandwich disguised as a damn moose!

Apparently, Gonzalez started making these fun lunches as a way to get her picky daughter to eat her food.

Since then, she's spent hours making all sorts of edible scenes...

That range from colorful creatures made out of fruits and veggies...

And sandwiches that serve as tasty treasure maps...

To plates of pasta that look like heaven on Earth...

Dishes full of delectable Disney characters...

...and drool-worthy snacks from under the sea.

Yep, I think most people would agree her meals are simply out of this world!