30 Awesome Finger Tattoos That Will Subtly Add Creativity To Your Life

If you thought tatted-up knuckles were just for punk rockers and biker dudes, you clearly haven't seen the newest trend sweeping the ink scene.

That's right, finger tattoos are insanely popular, and it seems like everyone (celebrities included) is decking out his or her digits with all sorts of delicate designs.

Then again, it's not a surprise these tiny tats grew in popularity.

They're much smaller and more tasteful than that basic bitch butterfly tramp stamp you totally regret getting when you were 19 years old (or in my case, a pink bow tat).

Since we're such fans of this chic body art, we set out to find some of the coolest tattoos gracing the fingers of women who aren't afraid to flash a little ink. And once you see these beautiful designs, you're going to want one yourself.

Take a look at the pictures below to see 30 of the coolest finger tattoos.

You can keep things simple with some tribal tats...

...that subtly symbolize your love of pizza.

Or you can rule the finger tattoo scene...

With a cute little crescent moon...

An adorable owl...

...or something that simply sparkles.

These finger tattoos are out of this world.

Eye see a "Harry Potter" tattoo.

You can decorate your digits with a big bad wolf...

...or peace out in style with a little airplane ink.

Finger tats let you carry your pet everywhere you go...

...or you can just pretend to be a cat.

Who needs jewelry when you have these gems?

You can get straight to the point with a pencil tat...

Protect your hand with a hamsa...

...or just keep it simple with some delicate lines.

There's a tiny tattoo for every type of gal looking to get in on this trend.

You can deck your digits out with cross...

An inspirational message...

 ...or a little lock and key.

Cupid's bow will make you fingers look lovely.

A kitty face complements every accessory.

Plus, an ink mustache can really come in handy.

And Hello Kitty makes a hella fine tat for your middle finger.

Flashing a little finger art lets the world know you're the queen of ink.

Or you can show your skin some love... decking it out in diamonds.

Who needs sleeves when you can just wear your heart on your finger?

No matter which tat you get, you'll have infinite love for your mini ink.

I pinky promise.