Carrot Or Cucumber? These Condom Sizes Match Up To Different Produce

by Eitan Levine

A Taiwanese student wants to turn your love life into an X-rated produce section at your local naughty ShopRite.

How would you describe your penis? Is it more of a turnip or a banana? Are you one of those blessed few to maybe even rock a zucchini in your jeans?

Guan-Hao Pan wants to know, but only for science reasons and stuff.

The Taiwanese student is trying to introduce condoms that are sized according to a male user's similarity to certain vegetables.

Condoms in this "Love Guide" series come in five sizes: cucumber, carrot, banana, turnip and the biggest of the bunch, zucchini, which comes in at 5 cm in girth.

Pan explains the current condom landscape is not conducive to proper and safe use. He writes,

Studies show that more than 60 percent of users choose a wrong size while shopping for condom. In addition to discomfort, wrong size selection increases the risk of slippage and rupture.

He also points out potential misuse of a condom could lead to sexually transmitted diseases and/or unwanted pregnancy.

Pan is hoping this new measurement system and cylindrical packaging will make condom selection easier and more accurate to whoever is using it.

Whatever you do, when you're measuring to see where you fall on the scale, do it at home. I don't think you want to get kicked out of your local Pathmark.

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