Brazil Is Actually Having A Competition To Find The Best Butt In The Nation (Photos)

If the World Cup was any indication, Brazil has a little bit of work to do before hosting The Summer Olympics in Rio in less than two years -- if they even manage to finish the necessary preparations.

I love taking shots at easy targets as much as the next guy, but I don't want to be too hard on Brazil.

It might be an incredibly corrupt country that probably shouldn't be hosting as many international events as it has been, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have other things going for it.

Take butts, for example.

It's admittedly a stereotype, but when most people think of "Brazilian women," they aren't picturing girls that are lacking when it comes to packing the back of their pants.

While there might be better places to host The Olympics, there's only one country capable of hosting The Miss Bum Bum competition.

The Daily Mail reports that the contest, now in its fourth year, features 27 women battling for the honor of Best Butt in Brazil.

You can view the full roster below, along with a list of our early favorites.