Holy Sh*t! This Plane Took Off At An Almost 90-Degree Vertical Angle (Video)

When you think of stunt planes, you generally think of fighter jets or smaller aircrafts, not 280-passenger airliners.

However, during a preparation segment for the 2015 Paris Air Show, a massive Boeing 787 Dreamliner decided to pull off some pretty impressive acrobatics, starting off with a near-vertical takeoff.

A while back, it might've been nearly impossible to pull off these stunts with this type of commercial aircraft.

But these days, advanced technology enables the 787 Dreamliner to act like a fighter jet!

Check out the videos below for a closer look at the action.

Here's the 280-passenger Boeing 787 Dreamliner performing a near-vertical takeoff.

Check out the rest of the stunts.

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