These Color Changing Clothes Will Let You Know How Drunk You Are (Video)

Here's a cool thing that has very little in the way of practical application.

An artist named Younghui Kim created clothing that tells you how drunk you are. The articles of clothing are part of Kim's "Metamorphosis" line.

Basically, each piece changes shape and color as the wearer gets more and more wasted. There is a dress for females and a jacket for males.

In the case of the jacket, its collar "slide[s] out to cover up the drinker’s face when it senses too much of alcohol in [someone’s] breath."

The dress' sleeves expand and contract, depending upon the user's level of intoxication.

I'm not really sure why anyone would want to vibrantly advertise how drunk he or she is. But, if for some reason you do, you might want to invest.

H/T: The Daily Dot