Clever Design Lets You Chill Your Whiskey Without Watering It Down (Photos)

If you like to sip your spirits on the rocks, then you're probably familiar with the struggles of trying to keep your drink both cold and strong.

However, all those watered down whiskeys may soon be things of the past, thanks to an innovative ice cube called the Whiskey Wedge.

Created by Corckcicle, the Whiskey Wedge features an Old Fashioned glass and a silicone mold that create a slanted block of ice.

This sloped cube melts very slowly due to its clever design reducing the surface area in contact with the drink, so it keeps your cocktail at the perfect temperature without diluting it.

Plus, using it is a piece of cake. All you have to do is pour water into the glass, stick in the mold and pop that bad boy in the freezer. Within no time, you'll be armed and ready with a cube that can take on your drink like a champ.

Say "goodbye" to the days of watered down drinks and "hello" to the Whiskey Wedge.

This ingenious ice cube features an Old Fashioned glass and a silicone mold...

...that create a slanted ice cube.

Thanks to the ice cube's reduced surface area with the liquid in the glass...

...the Whiskey Wedge melts much slower than regular ice, thus keeping your drink cold and strong.

And it's not just for whiskey. These awesome ice cubes can be used to keep any cocktail chilled.

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