Childhood = Ruined: These Realistic-Looking Pokémon Are Absolutely Terrifying (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Pokémon characters would look like if they were real instead of colorful cartoons?

One artist decided to try his own spin on this idea by illustrating a bunch of the characters to look realistic. The photos were uploaded to Imgur by a user who posts under the name 0liv3.

Throughout the series, you'll see realistic colors and more detail of the different fur and body hair on these Pokémon.

If you remember your childhood correctly, you remember wanting these little cartoon creatures to actually exist.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!



Bulbasaur Chansey Charmander Cubone Darkrai Drowzee Eevee Electabuzz Gastly Gengar Haunter Hitmonchan Jigglypuff Jolteon Lickitung Lucario Magmar Metapod Mew Muk Parasect Pikachu Psyduck Raichu Polywrath Ninetails Mr. Mime  Voltorb Wartortle Raticate Sandslash Togepi Photos Courtesy: Imgur