Here's What Your Favorite 'Rugrats' Characters Look Like In Real Life (Photos)


Nickelodeon had a lot of great cartoons back in the day.

But I think most 90s babies would agree the best show of that era was "Rugrats."

As a kid, I was basically obsessed with this show, and if it was still on air today, there's a good chance it would still be my favorite cartoon.

If you're a fan of "Rugrats," you probably remember what this iconic squad of babies looked like on screen.

Who could forget Tommy's bald head and blue shirt, Angelica's purple dress and pigtails or Chuckie's messy bright orange hair and square glasses?

But have you ever wondered what your favorite "Rugrats" characters look like in real life?

While they may have all mastered toddler talk, it turns out none of the cast members were even close to the ages of their characters on the show.

We recently set out to uncover all of the voices behind the six babies who stole the show, and you'll definitely be surprised when you see what these characters actually look like when they're not concealed behind diaper-clad drawings.

Take a look at the pictures below to see your favorite "Rugrats" IRL.

Elizabeth Daily: Tommy Pickles

Kath Soucie: Lil DeVille

Tara Strong: Dil Pickles

Christine Cavanaugh: Chuckie Finster

Dionne Quan: Kimi Finster

Cree Summer: Susie Carmichael

Cheryl Chase: Angelica Pickles

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