17-Year-Old Drives Lime Green Lamborghini Like He's Playing GTA And Flips It Upside Down

Here is the perfect example of exactly why you shouldn't steal the keys to your parents' lime green, extremely rare Lamborghini Aventador.

One 17-year-old took it upon himself to be a complete screw up by cruising through San Francisco in a Rare Verde Scandal Aventador before crashing and turn it over on its roof.

Instead of returning safely to his home, this kid went GTA-style and flipped the entire car upside down.

It's still unclear as to what caused the horrific accident. Fortunately, there were two people in the vehicle that made it out alive, including the 17-year-old.

The video below shows the Lamborghini cruising around on the freeway moments before it crashed. The photos below the video show the aftermath.

H/T: CarBuzz, Photos Courtesy of CarBuzz