Yep, There's Another Brand New Starbucks Latte For The Spring

Buzz buzz, you teeny freakin' bumblebees. Starbucks has a spring latte that'll knock the frost off your adorable bumble-wings and warm your bee hearts.

The Caramelized Honey Latte and Frappuccino mixes slow-cooked honey caramel sauce with espresso and milk, creating a coffee treat Starbs' beverage development team member Christal Canzler claimed “works both hot and iced.”

Wait, wait, wait. Calm your stripy, round little bee body down for a minute.

The hot, iced and Frappuccino versions of the CHL aren't available until Tuesday, March 22.

In the meantime, go pollinate some breathtaking spring flora. It's literally your only job.

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