People Are Completely Losing It Over Burger King's New 'Whopperito'


If you've been keeping up with the latest in fast food news, you've probably seen Burger King's latest frankenfood creation. If not, let me fill you in.

It turns out that Burger King just put an insane south-of-the-border spin on its signature sandwich. That's right. Burger King just did the unthinkable and transformed your beloved Whopper into a burger-burrito hybrid, fittingly named the Whopperrito.

Apparently, this bad boy is just a spicier version of its OG inspiration. It features the Whooper essentials, like flame-grilled beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles, mayo and ketchup, all swaddled up in a soft tortilla wrap.

As you can imagine, people are obviously losing their shit over Burger King's Whopperrito, and this frankenfood news has elicited a lot of different feelings from the internet.

Yep, it appears people are pretty divided over this bougie burger burrito. So far, we've seen responses like, "Go home Burger King, you're drunk," while others have even called this meaty monstrosity "a sign of the apocalypse" to individuals who actually seem to be fans of the new hybrid food.

Take a look at the pictures below to see what people are saying about Burger King's interesting new delicacy:

Burger King just blurred the lines between burgers and burritos... creating an insane new hybrid food concoction.

Feast your eyes on the Whopperrito.

This baby spices up all the ingredients you'd expect to find in a Whopper, like flame-grilled beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles, mayo and ketchup, but it ditches the bun for a soft tortilla wrap.

The Whopperrito seems to be giving people a lot of strong feelings...

...and now the internet is basically being divided by Burger King's bougie new snack.

Yep, a lot of people are attacking this monstrous food mashup...

...and saying it's pretty gross.

Other Whopperrito haters have taken a more humorous approach...

Comparing it to everything from a new form of laxatives... grandpa's drunken swear word.

And one bad Spanish translation suggests you're eating a dog rather than a burger-burrito.

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