This New Toy Keeps Getting Stuck In Kids' Hair And Parents Are Pissed (Photos)

As kids, we all had at least one annoying toy that pissed our parents off to no end.

But the annoying Bop Its and Furbies we drove our parents crazy with are nothing compared to this year's trendy holiday toy, Bunchems.

If you're not familiar with these things, Bunchems are basically spiky plastic balls that interlock with one another, allowing you to build all sorts of things out of them.

But there's just one little problem with these squishy, colorful balls.

Kids are getting Bunchems stuck in their hair, and apparently, these things are a real bitch to get out.

Yep, what starts out as a fun activity quickly turns into hours of misery and pain as parents desperately try to pull these things off their kids' heads.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the toy that's wrecking havoc on kids' hair.

Bunchems are supposed to be this year's hot new toy for the holiday season.

But many parents are quickly finding these things aren't all fun and games.

Bunchems are spiky plastic balls that interlock with one another, allowing you to create all sorts of shapes.

But in addition to sticking to each other...

...these little balls also like to stick to hair.

In fact, lots of kids are getting these things stuck in their hair, and it's a huge pain in the ass to get them out.

Lots of angry parents are sharing their horrible experiences with Bunchems...

...and posting photos on social media that show the pain these little balls are capable of.

Thank you #bunchems for costing us $25 for the game and $50 for the haircut, my daughter's tears? priceless — Niran Even-chen (@NiranEC) November 13, 2015

Parents have been spending hours trying to get these things untangle from their kids' hair...

And some kids have gotten them stuck so badly...

...they've had to cut off their hair completely.

Literally crying cause I'm trying to get these "Bunchems" out of Ava's hair. — Alison (@alisonleigh13) September 13, 2015

The company released a video in response to the growing outrage from parents...

...that recommends coating the hair in vegetable oil or conditioner and combing hair beneath the Bunchems to untangle the hair and free the toy.

You can find the video showing a step-by-step demonstration of the removal process on the Bunchems website.

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