Budapest's Bath Parties Look 10 Times Crazier Than Any Raves Or Clubs In America (Photos)

When it comes to having fun these days, a lot of people are settling for cheesy EDM shows, mediocre nightclubs and hip-hop concerts but that could just mean a lot of people don't know how else to have fun.

We have an idea: Budapest's bath parties. Yes, they exist and by the look of these photos, you're missing out on the most fun (and warmth) you could ever experience in your entire life. They're operated by Szechenyi Bath.

Aside from taking a really hot bath with a bunch of gorgeous European women, there's music and tons of lights that make you feel like you're sitting in a giant hot tub at EDC.

The bath houses were built by the Romans way back, and still currently serve as the ideal form of relaxation when you're in Budapest.

They've got everything from strobe lights and smoke machines to lasers and a fully stocked bar. Oh, and did we mention gorgeous women?! Check out the photos below, you'll feel like you're actually there, and that could come in handy if you were caught in the middle of that recent snowstorm!

Szechenyi Bath features 3 outdoor pools and 15 indoor pools.

There are tons of saunas and steam rooms.

...And women.

Szechenyi Bath is open until 10 pm, even during the winter.

Szechenyi Bath is the largest thermal medical spa bath complex in Europe.

Massage therapy and facial treatments are available for all guests.

Szechenyi Bath is also close to a bunch of other attractions in Budapest.

"The beautiful building of the spa baths is the design of Gyozo Czigler who started to build Szechenyi Furdo in May 1909." - Szechenyi Bath

Szechenyi Bath is one of the most visited and most praised attractions in Budapest.

H/T: Thrillist, Photos courtesy of: Szechenyi Baths