Cozy Blanket Transforms Your Baby Into An Adorable Burrito (Photos)

As babies, we all had that one special blanket we toted around throughout much of our diaper days.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined your beloved blankie with a little inspiration from your favorite tortilla-wrapped snack?

Well, you get a baby-rito.

Thanks to one Vancouver-based designer, Corinne Leroux, you can now make your precious infant look just as delicious as your favorite Mexican meal by swaddling the baby in a burrito blanket.

These blankets, which make your baby look like he or she is wrapped inside of a giant, scrumptious burrito, are the only way to show the world you're determined to make your child love Chipotle as much as you do.

This burrito wrap features a fluffy tortilla packed with all of the classic fillings like lettuce, tomatoes and cheese -- not to mention a small, adorable child.

If you're more of a morning person, you'll be glad to know this badass blanket even comes in a breakfast burrito option, featuring a tortilla with eggs, bacon and, most importantly, your baby.

Plus, this insanely cute blanket is made out of fleece and flannel, so you can be sure your little one will be toasty warm. Now someone just needs to invent a burrito blanket that's big enough for adults.

Check out the pictures below to see this awesome burrito baby blanket.

Behold, the burrito blanket.

This tortilla will keep your little one toasty warm.

It'll also make them look like a downright delicious baby-rito.

This awesome blanket comes in your standard baby, lettuce, tomato and cheese burrito.

Or you can opt for a morning wrap with bacon and eggs.

Either way, being wrapped up in a tortilla is sure to make naptime way better.

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