This Footage Of The Blackest Material On Earth Will Blow Your Mind

Last summer, we ran a story about Vantablack, a manmade material darker than the blackest back.

When I first heard about it, I thought it was cool -- the vast majority of my wardrobe is black — but I didn't really understand why it was that big of a deal. Like, what's the need for it? And why does it really matter?

I'm guessing a lot of people had similar reactions because developer Surrey NanoSystems just released a series of videos showing the (new and improved) material “in action,” and holy crap, it is so cool.

Basically, this stuff is like a manmade black hole: It literally eats light. Light does not reflect off it -- at all. You could wear it, and it would basically be an invisibility cloak (well, at night anyway).

In short, I can pretty much guarantee you've never seen anything like this before.

Check out the videos below; give yourself a few minutes to freak/zone out in awe, and then read up on Vantablack here.

Vantablack vs. Laser

Surrey NanoSystems on YouTube

Vantablack vs. (Non-Vanta) Black

Surrey NanoSystems on YouTube

Vantablack vs. Vantablack

Surrey NanoSystems on YouTube

Vantablack vs. Wrinkles

Surrey NanoSystems on YouTube

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