This Optimus Prime Cake Actually Transforms And It's The Coolest Thing (Video)

A birthday party wouldn't be complete without a cake coinciding with the party's theme.

But, you know what's even better than blowing out the candles on the Optimus Prime cake at your "Transformers"-themed party? Having the cake come to life and morph from a seemingly ordinary truck into a towering Optimus Prime right before your eyes.

Recently, Russell Munro made all of his son's birthday wishes come true when he surprised him with an epic, animated "Transformers" cake.

Munro handled the technical aspect of the cake by building a moving mechanical platform complete with Optimus Prime audio, and his wife got to work on baking the actual cake.

The result is one seriously spectacular and, not to mention, totally badass birthday cake.

Munro posted a YouTube video showing the cake in action at his son's sixth birthday party, and there's no denying this thing looks insanely awesome.

Check out the video to get a closer look at this sweet birthday gift.