Workout While You Wash Your Clothes On This Dope Bike Washing Machine

by Kate Ryan

Have you ever wanted to save electricity, wash your Calvins and get in a spin class at the same time? Well, thanks to a bunch of kids at China's Dalian Nationalities University, you may be able to in the near future.

What's this revolutionary invention called, you ask? They call it the BiWa -- aka, the Bike Washing Machine. As you pedal, you generate electricity while rotating the drum containing your laundry. If you go crazy and really work up a sweat, its battery will save the extra electricity for later use.

According to the design description on Tuvie,

Bike Washing Machine combines a stationary bicycle and washing machine, you can exercise while at the same time simultaneously washing your clothes. When you ride this bike, the pedaling motion causes the drum of the washing machine to rotate, at the same time, the superfluous electricity is generated which can be used to power the display screen or stored for future use.

The look of it is pretty sexy, too.


No word yet on when we'll be able to buy one of these puppies, but you can put me on the waitlist.

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