Stop Everything: This Might Just Be The Best Twerk Video Of All Time

Sometimes, you see something so special, it changes your perception of the world and inspires you to become a better person.

For me, it's the twerk video above. I now have absolutely no focus for the rest of the day because this isn't just any ordinary twerking clip.

Lex Twerkout is dedicated to the game and is here to prove twerking is much more than just shakin' ass.

It's a form of self-expression, an amazing workout for your core and a salute to the troops who fight so hard to protect our country.

Then again, that ass is straight-up crazy and the isomotion of cheek muscles in all her "twerkout" videos is truly second to none.

Further testament to her realness can be found in the video below.

Have a great weekend!

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