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Bernie Sanders Admits He's Smoked Weed 'Twice' In His Lifetime

All we want from our politicians is total transparency and honesty.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Green Rush Daily, we're taken back to a Bernie Sanders speech where the Brooklyn native revealed an incredibly important fun fact about himself.

No, it wasn't about the fact Sanders now has more grassroots supporters than Obama did back in 2008. No, it wasn't about the fact that, if elected president, he'd be the oldest elected president in US history.

It was about the fact that the Bernster has only smoked marijuana "twice" throughout his entire lifetime.

If Bernie Sanders is 74 years old, he's lived approximately 27,000 days without smoking weed.

Consistency is key -- yet another reason to #FeelTheBern!

Check out the clip above for a closer look.

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