Beer Ice Cream Floats Are The Adult Drink You Dreamed Of As A Kid

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There are few things in life that can compare to the simple pleasure of diving face first into a delectable root beer float on a scorching summer day.

But you know what's even better than sipping on your favorite frosty treat?

Downing an ice cream dessert that will get you drunk, of course!

These days, it seems that a lot of people have been giving their favorite childhood floats an adult makeover by swapping out the boring old root beer for all sorts of delectable boozy beers.

That's right. Beer floats are the trendy new way to turn up this summer, and I have to say all of tipsy treats look like heaven in a glass.

From stouts topped with scoops of chocolate ice cream to pale ales piled high with soft serve and whipped cream, there's a seemingly endless amount of beer float combinations out there.

If you're in need of a little ice cream inspo, don't worry we have you covered.

We just set out to find a bunch of badass beer floats that will let you cool down while you turn up like a damn boss.

Seriously, these delectable drinks do not disappoint.

Check out the pictures below to see these insane ice cream topped beer floats.

Beer floats are the hottest way to cool down this summer...

...and, no, we're not talking about actual floating beer.

We're talking about the adult versions those root beer floats you used to drink as a kid.

 Yep, these ice cream treats ditch the boring non-alcoholic root beer for a big old glass of the real boozy deal...

...and it's not hard to see that these drunken desserts look downright delicious.

So far, people have come up with all sorts of amazing beer float concoctions...

That range from Orange Creamsicle IIPA and vanilla ice cream...

And Strawberry Blonde beer swirled with soft serve and berries...

To Subcontinental IPA topped with ice cream and cake crumble.

...and raspberry-clad pints of Pillager Port.

This oatmeal cookie pumpkin spice beer float is anything but basic...

...and this stout smothered in milk and cookies ice cream is a drunken dessert dream come true.

Just look at this frosty flight of floats...

...and this irresistible scoop of ice cream waiting to take the plunge.

 This overflowing float looks so good it should be illegal.

Don't even get me started on this epic display of deliciousness.

Stop it.

Sweet baby Jesus.

It's basically impossible to be sad while sipping on one of these bad boys.