14 Photos That Prove Bald Is The New Dad Bod

REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

Last spring, dad bods took the world by storm.

If you've been living under a rock and somehow managed to miss the dad-bod movement, let me fill you in.

There was a brief moment in time when women stopped lusting after guys with six packs and, instead, started losing their damn minds over dudes with figures like Leo DiCaprio.

Or as The Cut perfectly summed it up, guys who have "undefined muscles beneath a light layer of flab, usually topped off with a beer belly."

Thankfully, the dad bod fad has finally fizzled out.

So if you're still rocking last season's bod, you might want to hit the gym and invest in a razor because now there's a shiny new trend taking its place.

That's right. Bald is the new dad bod.

Lately, we've been seeing lots of handsome fellas ditch their 'dos for some shaved styles and I have to say, those bare heads make some of these dudes look downright irresistible.

Take a look at the pictures below to see proof.

Forget the dad bod.

This spring, ladies are all about the dad hair.

That's right. Bald heads are definitely the new dad bods...

...and women just can't seem to get enough of these shiny heads.

We've seen stars like Jason Statham embrace their baldness...

...and prove you don't need hair to score a seriously hot date.

Celebs like Zayn Malik are also getting in on the action and ditching their signature 'dos for a shaven look.

From smokin' hot models like Tyson Beckford...

And runway-ready babes like Corey Baptiste...

To eye-candy athletes like Derek Jeter...

Studs like Nigel Barker...

Mesmerizing musicians like Chris Daughtry...

And that clean-shaven convict who made the world swoon...'s not hard to see these dudes make being bald look damn good.