The Vulgar Chef

Bacon Mac And Cheese Lasagna Is Everything You Could Ever Want In Life (Photos)

When it comes to awesome culinary creations, the best food mashups usually have a few things in common.

They either have lots of gooey cheese, heaps of savory bacon or a bunch of different layers made with mouthwatering ingredients.

Take lasagna, for example. This tasty Italian dish contains layer upon layer of deliciousness and, of course, lots of cheese.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if your Nona ditched the boring ricotta for melty mac and cheese and swapped out the noodles for the mightiest of all weaved meats?

Well, thankfully, we no longer have to wonder because The Vulgar Chef has just gone where no one has dared to venture before by creating the ultimate frankenfood mashup. That's right, bacon mac and cheese lasagna is pretty much what dreams are made of.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself: "What in the world is bacon mac and cheese lasagna?" Well, it's just what it sounds like -- layers of crispy bacon weaves loaded up with gooey mac and cheese, with some more cheese added for good measure.

To make this bad boy, you'll need one pound of bacon made into four bacon weaves, as well as lots of creamy mac and cheese and a little tomato sauce to go in-between each layer.

Then all you have to do is lay down the bacon, followed by sauce and the mac -- and repeat. Once your layers are all in place, throw some more cheese on top (because you can never have enough cheese) and simply pop it in the oven.

In no time, you'll have the most insane dish on the face of the planet, which proves a whole new world of deliciousness is possible (once you master the bacon weave).

Unfortunately, this drool-worthy, bacon-bursting beauty is sure to destroy your diet; you'll never be able to go back to eating boring old Italian lasagna after you taste this heaven-sent casserole. It's always good to plan ahead, so you might want to invest in a larger pair of jeans before you demolish a few trays of this badass lasagna.

Once you master the bacon weave... make the almighty bacon mac and cheese lasagna.

Just look at all of that gooey, melty mac and cheese...

...piled between layers of bacon.

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