You Won't Want To Eat Regular Butter Again After Seeing These Flavors

Have you ever wondered what happens when you combine loves for cooking, science, photography into one package?

Well, you pretty much get Rachel Howden.

When Rachel isn't working as a chemical engineer, you can usually find this busy gal cooking up some new culinary concoction for her awesome food blog.

Recently, Rachel set out on a delicious endeavor to give butter a molecule-inspired makeover -- all in the delicious name of science.

If you thought butter was something you only put on bread and bagels, you've been eating butter wrong your whole life.

For Rachel's latest project, she transformed a bunch of boring sticks of butter into a variety of delectable butter she calls "compound butter."

Seriously, all of her flavored Frankenbutter hybrids are pretty much pure happiness disguised in the form of a spreadable food.

Rachel's compound butters are nothing short of heavenly and include everything from cranberry, herb and fig-flavored butter to lemon rosemary thyme and red wine shallot butter.

If you're wondering how you can get your hands on these coveted creamy spreads, you'll be glad to know you can make them at home since Rachel was nice enough to reveal all of her delicious recipe secrets along with step-by-step directions on her blog.

If one thing is for sure, you'll never be able to go back to eating normal butter after topping your favorite meals with some of these tasty compound creations.

Take a look at the photos below to see Rachel's incredible compound butters.

Say "goodbye" to boring plain butter and "hello" to compound butters.

These sticks take butter to the next level by packing it full of delicious flavors.

Vanilla cinnamon honey butter and maple cardamom butter make biscuits way better.

The red wine shallot butter goes great with steak.

And the lemon rosemary thyme butter tastes great on pork chops.

Fig butter really takes cheddar grilled cheese to the next level of deliciousness.

No orange scone is complete without some cranberry butter.

Moroccan spice butter is a great way to put a spin on boring baked potatoes.

Every cheddar zucchini pancake needs some melty herb butter.

Eating butter will never be the same, thanks to these culinary creations.

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