Here's How Attitudes And Policies On Marijuana Have Changed Over Time

by Robert Anthony

For decades now, marijuana legalization has been slowly happening across the United States.

As cannabis in general continues to become more socially acceptable, you can't help but wonder how the attitudes and policies related to marijuana legalization have changed over the years.

With more relevant politicians backing its legalization both medically and recreationally, people everywhere are using the trendiness of marijuana to educate themselves.

While most marijuana supporters are avid smokers, 35 percent of non-users still support the cause -- but you can bet that 35 percent was nearly nonexistent just a few years ago!

Check out the other ways attitudes and policies related to marijuana have changed over time.

As the years go on, public opinion on marijuana continues to shift more toward supporting its legalization.

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More states are continuing to legalize marijuana medically, recreationally and even fully.

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The majority of people who don't support marijuana legalization have never even tried it.

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Those who do support marijuana legalization are mostly avid users, but still gain support from non-users.

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Most important to the government, the amount of state tax revenue collected since the rise in marijuana legalization has skyrocketed.

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