Astronauts Celebrating Earth Day Will Totally Inspire You


Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to stop and reflect on this giant ball we call home.

It's a time for humanity to think about the ways we impact our Earth, our nation, our towns, communities and own backyards. It's also a day to think about the ways we can all make a difference, large or small.

But there is one very small group of humans who can really see Earth Day on a grander scale: astronauts.

This tiny fraction of the Earth's 6 billion inhabitants has the true pleasure of seeing planet Earth as a whole from far, far above.

This Earth Day, several of the astronauts aboard the International Space Station, as well as others who spent time there, shared their views of Earth to show us there are no real boundaries and no real differences between us all.

We are one people, with one home. It's time we start to cherish it more.

Check out some of the stunning images shared on social below.