Artists Came Together To Design An Imaginative Children's Hospital (Photos)

For chronically ill children, the only thing scarier than sickness is the cold, bland white of a hospital.

Since 2011, Vital Arts, a division of the Barts Health NHS Trust, worked to change London Royal Children's Hospital from frigid to fun by commissioning artists to repaint the walls with colorful designs and wild, imaginative illustrations.

Although artists must use easy-to-clean materials like vinyl and plastic, they're happy to bring a little joy into the lives of little ones often coping with very frightening realities.

Through color and texture, these artists ensure children can still use their imaginations.

"Animals!" — children's book author and illustrator Chris Haughton

"Painted Landscapes" — designer Donna Wilson

"Happy Day" — industrial designer Tord Boontje

"Collective Memories of the London" — ceramicist Katharine Morling

"A New Path to the Waterfall" — artist Blaise Drummond

"DAZZLE" — 2012's Olympic Poet-In-Residence, Lemn Sissay, and designer Morag Myerscough

"The National Animals of the East End" — artistic duo Bob and Roberta Smith

"The Adventures of the Super Sizzling Seven" — digital artist Jessica Voorsanger

"A Journey Around my Pencil Case" — Peepshow Illustration Collective

"Clock Clock White" — design team Humans Since 1982

"Bedside Views" — textile designer Ella Doran

"Come On In" — Morag Myerscough

"The Ann Riches Healing Space" — architects Cottrell and Vermeulen And Morag Myerscough

"Imaginary Menagerie" — toy designer Miller Goodman

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