Artist Envisions Celebrities Posing With Younger Versions Of Themselves (Photos)

One of the best ways to highlight physical changes throughout a person's life is to compose a series of before and after photos.

And Colombian artist Fulvio Obregón did just that with some familiar faces of iconic celebrities.

In his most recent series, titled "Yo & Mi Otro Yo" or "Me & My Other Me," Obregón illustrated before and after photos of celebrities like Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger.

But these weren't just any old before and after photos. The graphic designer and illustrator drew the celebrities standing next to younger versions of themselves to highlight the differences between the past and the present.

So far, Obregón's collection features just seven celebrities. We hope to see a few additions soon!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Michael Jackson

Robert De Niro

Paul McCartney

Bill Gates

Al Pacino

Steve Jobs

Mick Jagger

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