Artist Creates Incredible Portraits Of Celebrities Using Dollar Bills (Photos)

Art is a subjective thing that you can't always put an exact value on.

However, there are some artists who create incredible pieces of art that are certainly worth their weight in gold.

Meet Evan Wondolowski. If there's one thing this guy loves, it's a big stack of Benjamins.

So recently, this talented artist decided to combine his love of art with his money obsession, and he set out to create some seriously amazing monetary masterpieces.

When it comes to creating art, you won't find Wondolowski painting on a boring old canvas with acrylics.

According to Wondolowski,

My work transforms currency from a medium of exchange to a medium of expression. While the money used in these portraits is no longer valid as legal tender, its destruction has created an opportunity to create a new thing of value by simply reconstructing its parts.

His Made Of Money series includes portraits of everyone from 50 Cent and Dennis Rodman to Ron Paul and Barack Obama, and they're all carefully constructed out of cold, hard cash.

By stripping down dollar after dollar and layering them into intricate designs, Wondolowski creates a truly unique type of artistic expression.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Wondolowski's incredible money art.

50 Cent

Barack Obama


Benjamin Franklin


Notorious BIG


Dennis Rodman


John F. Kennedy


Ron Paul


Stephen Colbert


Check out the video below to learn more about the Made Of Money project.

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