This Artist Uses Screws To Create Portraits Blind People Can 'See' Through Touch


When it comes to the composition of art, the opportunities are endless.

While some may think creating art for the blind is nearly impossible, one Laguna Beach-based artist is proving them wrong.

In a recent video uploaded to Vimeo by Cantor Fine Art, we're introduced to the brilliant artwork of Andrew Myers, a man known for his breathtaking portraits blind people can "see."

"How exactly does he do that?" you might ask.

The answer is simple: screws.

But Myers wasn't always crafting art blind people would be able to enjoy.  The video's description explains,

One day a blind man discovered a screw painting by Andrew Myers with his hands. The blind man (George Wurtzel) found as much enjoyment out of the tactile elements of the work as any sighted person ever has by just looking at them. Andrew considers this moment as one of the most inspiring of his career. Which led us to a question: Why is touching artwork so taboo?

Check out the video above. It's a tear-jerker!

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