Artist Combines Completely Different Photos To Make An Awesome Series

Looking for creative inspiration? You might want to start scouring Instagram.

We recently came across the work of Stephen McMennamy, an artist whose Instagram biography simply states he likes to "combine photos."

In fact, since he merges photos to create vivid, ironic images so much, he has his own hashtag, #ComboPhotos.

By just searching that hashtag on Instagram, you'll come across most of his work, and you'll see many of the photos average about 2,000 likes on the social media platform.

In addition to likes, McMennamy managed to rack up close to 28,000 followers.

I mean, who wouldn't want some good old creativity speckled into his or her Instagram feed?!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Helmet + Turtle

Giant Pipe + Pad Lock

French Fries + Cigarettes

Winter + Summer

Umbrella + Wildflower Stem

Tomato + Boxing Glove

Peanut + Excavator

Fruit Loops + Dump Truck

Meatball + Forklift

Chainsaw + Butter

Excavator + Ice Cream

Ferris Wheel + Bike Wheel

Cup with Straw + Water Tower

Spray Paint + Fire Hydrant

Roller Skates + Caterpillar Track

Surfboard + Knife

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