The Art Of The Roll Up: 20 Ingenious Ways To Roll Your Weed

By Julian Sonny

It's 4:20 on a Friday which can only mean one thing -- roll up! But while you reach in your bag to grab some papers, or head to the store to grab a swisher, hold up!

Don't go for the traditional pre-roll style that our parents have been using since the 60s. It's 2014, and we got 3D printers, bad bitches and Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Anything is possible!

Expand your horizons and become the greatest stoner you can be! Don't just roll up the same old, same old. Get blitted how our Founding Fathers wanted us to. And remember, smoke something, b*tch!

The Long Neck Blunt

The Chief Keef "Bang Bang" Blunt

The Harry Potter Blunt

The Double Cross Joint

The Pitchfork Jay

The Head Scratcher


The Unicorn Blunt

The Elephant Blunt

The Windmill Joint

The City of Angels Blunt

The WTF Blunt

The Tree of Life Jay

The Taurus

The Jet Fighter

The Boeing 787

The Pink And Green Floyd Blunt

The Scorpion King

Spongebob Wax Pants

The Godfather Blunt

The Waste All Your Weed Joint

All Photos Courtesy: Hail Mary Jane